Make a ‘Go Crackers’ Cracker

Making crackers is fun- that’s why we do it! But traditional “make your own crackers” are fiddly- cutting and shaping paper and card to the right size, and having to then find snaps,hats and jokes… If you choose a Make Your Own Kit from Go Crackers, here’s what you get;

A ‘Go Crackers’ cracker kit comes with a  14″ cracker board, snap, hat, joke and printed instructions. These are a popular item with groups of any age.

Our die cut cracker boards are made of strong metallic card stock and  come in Red, Gold and Silver- the integrated tabs and slots mean you do not have to glue them in place.

It is also simple to put together, following the enclosed instructions, and you have the choice to decorate before or after rolling them.

Once you have your finished cracker, take your chosen ribbon tie or bow~(you could purchase these from us if you would prefer), then wind it  around the perforated middle of one end of the cracker and twist or tie it together until the end is secure.

Fill the cracker with your hat, joke and gift and do the same with the tie on the other end. If you feel this is all too much then let us make some for you- see our Crackers and gift ranges on Luxury Cracker by Go Crackers page.